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The Morning After

Sunlight through the curtains, shadows between the sheets Glass of water on the windowsill where the Jamie used to be Sex hair, sex there, underwear’s under where? Fuck it baby, I don’t care If I can’t find it. Don’t need it. What’s between there, I gotta have it Smooth skin. Scruffy face. Can’t remember how we got to your place … Last night. In the cab, in the elevator, up against the door In front of the mirror, on the balcony, rug burn from the bedroom floor Maple syrup kisses, for this misses, so delicious Got you coming as I’m going, got the neighbors hittin switches Your wallets in the sink, my shoes are in the hall Phone’s ringing off the hook, don’t answer that call Or answer that call So they can hear me scream, and they can hear you shout Sore all over, hurts so good, need you to stretch me out Scratches on your back, bruises on my thighs Smells like a good time, looks like a rough night Let’s keep the party going, don’t be afraid of the daylight I’m wearing just your top, you’re wearing just your bottoms Got the Magnums by the outlet, don’t think that I forgot ’em Clean towels underneath us, time to get them dirty My girls know not to save me ’til at least twelve-thirty Drip-drop goes the clock, can’t take it anymore It’s the morning after, let’s do it like the night before

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