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The Finisher.

I have a confession to make: I masturbated to you last night. This is a milestone in my newfound born-again virgin life, because unlike the other guys I’ve thought about while touching myself, you were able to make me finish. So congratulations you sexy motherfucker you. Because it takes a very “unique” kind of man to make me successfully masturbate without the assistance of LubeTube.

I’ve attempted to double click the mouse to two other men in the past few months, all to no avail. I’m not sure why either. I would say it’s because I’ve never had sex with them in real life, but then again, there are men I have had sex with in real life that I couldn’t masturbate to either. So what gives? Apparently, you do. From the back, from the side, and missionary too!

You’re not even my usual type. Much shorter than I like, and good Lord I would love to introduce you to a tailor. Still, I’ve always thought you were handsome. However, it wasn’t until the other day when I saw you that I wondered how big your penis was. According to my friend and your forearms, it should be HUGE.

In my fantasy about you later that night, I was wasted and called you to pick me up from some club. When we got back to your house I was too drunk to function, so I just drank a pitcher (yes a pitcher) of water and attempted to not throw up next to you in bed. I wake up around 5am sober and horny. With my hand on your dick, I wake you up and whisper in your ear, “I’m not drunk any more”. It’s a fantasy, so naturally our breath smells great at 5am, I don’t look like I’ve been drinking for the past six hours, and yep – you’re HUGE.

I almost hope I run into you again soon, just so I can giggle at the thought of sitting on your face while you’re innocently opening a beer bottle. Because I don’t know exactly what it is about you that allows me to “finish” in my fantasies. I just know I definitely wouldn’t mind starting something in real life.

#humpday #humpday

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