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Pillow Talk.

In Whose Line Is It Anyway? I talk about being a good cheerleader for my man in the bedroom. However, you need two people to have a conversation. Although women are usually the more vocal ones in a relationship (surprise, surprise), every now and then we do actually care about what you have to say. Especially  when it involves us being naked. Below is list of my favorite words of encouragement, and terms of endearment during sex.

1. “_____ bitch,” or “Bitch, _____” You know what they say, a lady in the streets and a dirty, little bitch in the sheets. Or some shit like that. Truth be told, the bedroom is one of the only places you can get away with calling a lady a bitch. Not only do we tolerate it, some of us actually LIKE and encourage it. I personally am not the biggest fan, but I do remember the first and last time someone called me a bitch during sex. It caught me off guard, so I slapped him. Which turned him on. Which turned me on. Then, we just kept going on and on. And on. And on. 

And on.

2. “Your pussy is so tight” Why thank you. I just did some kegels this morning, I’m so glad you noticed. Women appreciate when you notice anything (asides from a pimple or pounds gained), so naturally we like hearing this. It’s an affirmation that we still got it, and satisfy our man. And everyone loves positive reinforcement. Besides, no girl wants to be told she has a vast vagina. 

3. “I love your pussy” Because every girl wants to be loved, duh. This is also a testament to #2. The trick however, is the way the man says it. In most cases, I can tell when a man is lying or not. So even if he only means it for however long it takes for him to climax, at least it’s genuine. The point is, we love making our men feel good. So we love that you love it. 

4. “Yeah, take that dick” I like being told what to do in the bedroom (as long as I like doing it of course). And I take direction well. I also like a little friendly competition and taunting. If you tell me to take that dick, you best believe I’m going to take that motherfucking dick. At that point, it’s like a personal challenge for myself and I got shit to prove. Thus, not only am I going to take it: I’m going to love it, embrace it, nurture it, and care for it so much that it’s not going to want to ever want to return.

5. “Fuuuuuuck” I mean really, I’m just a simple girl. Nothing beats a nice, deep moan or growl for me. But an overwhelmed “Fuuuuuuuck” as you’re riding his dick off into the sunset, or especially while he cums? Don’t even play. I’m squirming in my seat just writing about it. It’s not my favorite curse word for nothing!

If your favorite is missing from this list, don’t be shy. Feel free to comment below! Having said that, pillows were meant to be bitten, not talked to 😉 Happy hump-day!

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