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During what felt like a 13,981 hour drive home from Vegas during the New Year, me and my girls attempted to make time pass by having the usual deep conversations about love, life, ahi-tuna bowls, zombies, and of course – sex. I swear, just when you think you know it all you discover something new. I was surprised to learn that between the three of us, I was the only one who preferred vaginal orgasms over clitoral ones. For them orgasm was achieved more frequently from oral stimulation rather than actual intercourse. I asked a few more girlfriends and I then became outnumbered 5-1. I was so bewildered you would’ve thought someone had just told me I was adopted.

Coming from someone whose only used a dildo twice in her life, and rubs one out on a weekly basis I am definitely a fan of clitoral stimulation. However, I still can’t fathom how someone would prefer it over an appointment with Dr. Ernst Grafenberg. Dr. G is my motherfucking homie.

Then I thought about it and it made complete sense. Obviously a woman’s clit is easier to find than her G-spot, so naturally orgasm is more successful that way. Unless of course you’re me.

Whenever I tell my male friends about this, they’re always quick to say it’s because my past lovers simply never went down on me “right.” It would be easy to use that as a scapegoat except I’ve came from oral sex a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it, DUH. But I can count on just one hand how many times this has happened. Furthermore, no vibrator, nor tongue, nor finger has ever made me cum so hard I had visions of the Dalai Lama as I climaxed.

Perhaps it’s because I think vaginas are just plain old ugly to begin with so I don’t want someone else’s face anywhere near it. Thus, making me hold back from fully being comfortable with a dude down there long enough to make me cum to begin with. Or maybe, I’ve just been lucky enough to have fucked a man whose penis automatically knocked on Dr. G’s door every single time he came to visit. *Sigh* The good old days.

Whatever the reason, I guess it really doesn’t matter. To each her own, everyone has their own preference. The only thing better than a clitoral or a vaginal orgasm, is a clitoral AND a vaginal orgasm (yes as in the same time). And the only thing worse than being able to orgasm just one way or the other is not being able to orgasm at all. Now please excuse me while I wipe a tear from my whispering eye.

Ladies, what do you prefer?

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