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(In) Between the Sheets.

That moment when it’s getting late, and you’re getting horny from grinding your ass on his crotch all night. The two of you step off the dancefloor, and his hands are wrapped around your waist from the back. He’s whispering propositions into your ear that make you smile, and you can smell the Jameson on his lips.

That moment when you’re making out at his front door. You’re grabbing his package while he’s fumbling for his keys. One would think you’d just go at it right then and there, but you don’t mind the wait. It just makes the both of you crazier for each other. Besides, the neighbors may complain. Or you might even fall down the stairs. Yeah, that would definitely suck.

It’s that moment when you’re laying on his bad and writhing in ecstasy anticipating what’s about to go down. You’re already topless while he’s taking off his shirt and you’re unbuckling his pants. That same moment when your back is arched as he’s sliding off your pants and he softly kisses your inner thigh on the way down.

That moment when you’re both naked and your legs are wrapped around his waist, and everything of you is touching everything of him. It’s so, so close but not quite there yet. And instead of having intercourse, the two of you continue to tease each other, and beat around the bush (no pun intended, because your waxed, duh!).

That moment right after he comes (or the both of you if he’s strategic and you’re lucky). The two of you are breathing heavily, but in long and relaxed breaths. He’s still inside of you, while he massages the small of your back and lightly blows up and down your neck. And then he pulls out.

ever. so. slowly.

And it feels just as amazing as when he first put it inside you.

These are the moments before, during, and after sex when you’re not even really having sex, but it can sometimes feel just as good. The moments in between in between the sheets.

What are those moments for you?

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