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Heart and Soul Pt II

He woke up to the familiar feeling of his girlfriend’s hand rubbing him, his dick already fully erect. Asides from obvious reasons, this was a good sign. The clock in the distance read 3:45am. He got on top of her and slowly pulled his sweater over her head. Staring at her beautiful body, but vulnerable eyes he almost didn’t know what to do next. Should I stop? Should I hug her? Should I fuck her? Should I put her sweater back on? But she made his mind up for him when she placed her hands on his hips and pressed his body hard against hers.

He started to kiss her. All over. Everywhere but her lips. O her neck, on her shoulder, on the top of her ribcage. He kissed the tattoo on her hip, her inner thigh (slightly longer than the other places), and her tiny little hands. He kissed her everywhere before finally making his way back up to her face, and almost broke down. He could see hints of her big smile and bright eyes through the sadness. He took his favorite face and placed it in his hands. Then, kissed her hard but soft. Gentle yet rough. Fast but slow, as he lowered himself into her.

She wrapped her  legs around his torso, and used them to angle her body the way she liked it best. He reciprocated by thrusting himself deeper and deeper into her without ever taking his lips off of hers. A light layer of sweat that he felt every time he thrusted in and out of her began to form between their bodies. He grabbed her throat with one hand, and with the other used his fingers to help her finish. She grabbed his hair in both of her fists, and let out a soft moan as she came – the only time her lips left his. 

He kissed underneath her earlobe then let out a low groan as he came shortly after her. Soon enough, hot tears began to stream down her face while she remained silent. He could feel them transfer onto his cheek, and began to kiss the trails they left behind on her lips and chin. He brushed her hair, damp from sweat and sex, out of her face and kissed her two more times, once on her lips then last on her forehead. Despite the circumstances, he didn’t make love to her. That term wasn’t in their vocabulary. That night fucked her, just like every other night. But they both knew he loved her with every inch of his body – heart and soul included.

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