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I FUCKING LOVE MUSIC. I can spend hours getting lost in a good song; exploring its melody, dissecting its beat, remembering its lyrics. Music makes me happy. It makes me sad. It makes me wanna dance, cry, sing, drive, and call someone I probably shouldn’t. Music makes me angry. It makes me calm. And of course, music makes me horny.

Now there are the obvious tracks like Trigga’s Invented Sex, Red Light Special by TLC, and every single R. Kelly album. And of course there’s the classics like Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On, and the Isley’s Between the Sheets, but the following are actual songs that sing to my vagina, and put me in the mood. No, seriously. If the song is on this list, it means I played it and immediately needed clean-up on aisle 6.

Matter fact, I may have to refrain from listening to these songs when I’m drunk and emotionally (not to mention hormonally) vulnerable. For the rest of you, feel free to grab a glass of wine, your cuddy-buddy, and add these to your sexy-time playlist if they aren’t on it already.

Jodeci – Feenin “All the chronic in the world couldn’t even mess with you” If you know as many stoners as I do, then you’ll know how much they love their weed so that line says it all. I gotta find out wth this bitch is doing, or what kinda weed they’re smoking.

Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy “It’s your body we’ll go hard if you want to, As hard as you want to, soft as you want to …” Well thank-you for giving a girl some options, Paula done taught you well. This song holds true to its title with its body-roll inducing melody and Robin’s orgasmic voice.

Chris Brown – Sex “Girl you can thank me in the morning, When you wake up feeling hella good, Feeling like you want me, I didn’t realize how much I make you scream, yeah …” The lyrics of this song are pretty basic but it’s that keyboard (i think) riff in the beginning combined with visions CBreezy’s sensual dance moves that do it for me. And in another lifetime where he’s not a woman beater, the answer would’ve been YES.

Janet Jackson – Would You Mind “And I’m gonna kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you, Feel you deep inside me ooh …” I’m sorry I have to excuse myself to the bathroom now, BRB.

Usher – Nice and Slow “See I’ve been waiting for this for so long, making love until the sun comes up …” I’ve never been too fond of taking it “nice and slow,” but on those rare occasions this song will definitely do the trick. It’s sweet, and perfect to play for foreplay because 3 minutes and 57 seconds of that is probably all I can handle anyway.

Prince – Do Me OK do I really even need to include a line from the song? PRINCE IS SEX. How else could he get away with wearing platforms, assless pants, and eyeliner? I think pheromones come out of his mouth when he sings. I watched one of his unplugged shows on TV and I swear all he did was strum his guitar once and the females went BONKERS.

Obviously, there’s plenty more where these songs came from but I could probably start an entire blog dedicated to the topic. But as usual, please feel free to share your favorites!

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