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Bottoms Up – Humpday Post

I believe that everyone has a “go-to” position or cheap/cheat move. It’s the position where once hit, an orgasm is pretty much automatic. Therefore, it’s usually performed at “last-call” before the lights go on and everyone has to go home – or in other words when a motherfucker wants to go to bed already. After having participated in an array of Cirque du Soliel type stretches and positions I know without a doubt what my “cheap/cheat move” is.

Obviously, I know what makes me come, but it’s always interesting to know what position men favor the most in relation to what feels best and makes them come easiest. I always knew “Buzz” was ready to go to infinity and beyond when he’d flip me over and hit it from the back. A few minutes (or seconds when I’m extremely on point lol) of that, and it was pretty much curtains for him. On the other hand, “Thor’s” soft spot usually involved me on top.

Which leads me to wonder: fellas, when the female is on top, which movement prevails? Up and down like a jackhammer or a scooping motion like riding a bull? And ladies, when you’re putting in work on top, which movement do you prefer? As for me? Neither.

I am what you’d call a “bottom bitch,” and many women (and men lol) I know feel the same. Granted, I am fair in the bedroom and always willing to put in work, but if I had a preference, I’d be on my back with a flat screen mounted on the ceiling so I coan watch the game while you Grand Slam dat ass. Reason not being because I’m lazy or rather get dominated (although those are both true), but because I BE SHY AND SHIT. Yes, says the girl who writes detailed posts about sex every humpday. Being on top requires a whole lot of YOU in full view, and since I’m flat-chested the confidence in that position is lacking.

Thank the sex Gods for reverse cowgirl.

Yeah, this would definitely call for a flatscreen on the ceiling.

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