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Touch it. Tease it. Pet it. Please it. It’s yours.

Throbbing. Waiting. Pulsating. Anticipating. For you, to claim it as yours.

Fingers. Tongue. Inhibitions, None. ‘Cuz you can do whatever you want to what’s yours.

Make it wet, Don’t be shy, Slide my panties to the right. And let me know it’s YOURS.

Kiss it. Lick it. Eat it like you mean it. Don’t front, like you don’t need it. Take it, it’s yours.

Punish then reward. Hit it slow, then hit it hard. Hurt so good with disregard. Because pain is pleasure in regards to what’s yours.

Fuck me good, fuck me numb. Oh shit, I’m about to cum. And when all is said and done? Rest assured, it’s all yours.

But only for tonight.

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