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Who Wanna Be Famous?

During a drunken ride to the BART station one night, a friend of mine said with margarita breath, “Where you going Abi? I’m tryna get on that blog”. The other people in the car including myself laughed, because we all knew which specific day he was hoping to get published *ahem*. Although he said it jokingly, it brought up a serious question I had been pondering for quite some time.

Apparently, my hump-day posts have become quite popular amongst a certain demographic. And even though there are four other days of the week where I write about everything BUT sex, my boys still fuck with me and introduce me as “Abi, the sex blogger”. Thanks guys.

Most of the time I think it’s funny. Other times, I feel indifferent. Then there are those rare times where it kind of worries me. Could my candid sex posts and un-ladylike mouth be deterring the right men and attracting the wrong ones? In no way do I think men want to fuck me just to get on the blog, I’m not Cassie and this isn’t Page Six now (besides, they wanna fuck me because I’m breathing and have a working hole). But, I do think I get mis-judged by a lot of readers who don’t get to know me past my blog. While I should just own it and stop defending myself, I can’t help but address it.

Because I understand that men don’t want to publicly be reminded of the sex the woman they’re dating is having without them and that ultimately, they don’t want them to be talking about it at all. So does this mean I’m going to tone down my blog or stop writing about sex entirely so that my chances of having a boyfriend increase? No fucking way. It’s what makes my blog, MY blog and what makes me, ME. And if a man only knows how to read on Wednesdays, he’s probably not the man for me anyway.

People always talk about acknowledging the sexual being that’s behind the nerdy girl in glasses, but we can’t forget to respect the intellectual behind the sexy chick showing a little cleavage either.

And by the way, congratulations on making the blog today Brady.

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