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While You Lookin Bitter, I Be Lookin Better

Music/Media Mondays … on a Wednesday ‘cuz it still hurts my brain to think.

Sometime last year I watched Kreayshawn’s Bumping video and thought she was “interesting” to say the least. Now with the release of Gucci Gucci, she’s gone from interesting to intriguing. “One big room, full of bad bitches,” yeah, this is definitely gonna be the pre-summer anthem for me and my girls. I hope she comes out with more music and doesn’t disappoint.

Not the biggest Beyonce fan but I cannot deny that she is a ridiculous entertainer. Even though she reminds me of a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race sometimes, she WERKED the shit outta her Billboard Music Awards performance. Not really feeling the song, but it sends along a good message, and the Lorella Cuccarini inspired performance was amazing.

I was introduced to this song Wonderland by Natalia Kills in the comment section of one of my previous posts and have adored the song ever since. But I JUST saw the video for the first time today and I must admit – I have a new girl crush. I swear the list just keeps on growing.

Lastly, because I wanted the Bulls to win (not that I have anything against the Heat) and am a new D. Rose fan, a little something from the 6’2″ wonder. I like how they talk about being 6’2″ as if he’s a little guy lol. At any rate, he just D. Rose’d on that ho!

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