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Love is never enough.

Remember when they lied and told us it was?

They even made songs about it.

But what if we do have more than love?

What if we have sweet and sour watermelon kisses in the grass underneath the sun?

Dreams shared in the hot tub at night and painful memories we try to wash away with sips of ice-cold Sapporo in between bites of fatty tuna belly.

Would spontaneous dancing in doorways make up for it all?

What about head rubs and neck scratches?

Intoxicated rants about life and love and music and aliens while I straddle you, because "anyone extraordinary is a little weird".

I took those sneaky photos, because I wanted to remember you vulnerable and real.

I see you. Even when you don't like the reflection in the mirror.

We pray for miracles, but never ask how to act once we receive them.

We just can't win.

Even when there's enough love, there's never enough time.

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