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What’s Secret Is Sacred. – TBT 07.10.13

Whenever a woman meets someone new, so do her friends.

When me and Thor first exchanged numbers, I’m pretty sure I texted my best friend before I ever texted him. I also brought her along to our first date (in spirit), making sure that she approved of my outfit beforehand. In between ordering drinks at the bar, I let her know that me and her just took shots and were having a good time. When the movie ended, I let her know that “we” were going to eat sushi. And when I was back home , I informed her that we kissed on the first date for the very first time. We both giggled at the thought.

I continued to share my adventures with Thor with my closest girlfriends after that. I’m sorry, it’s just what we fucking do: live vicariously through the rainbows and butterflies of others. But something we especially looked forward to during story time, were our sexcapades.

It took me four dates before I finally gave in to the D (which btw was extremely hard (pun intended) because I was extremely attracted to this man, and all our dates ended with us making out on his couch). Hence, the morning after the fifth date I got carpal tunnel from all the typing I did. In case you couldn’t tell by now, I have a vivid way of describing things. So from the way my clit clapped the first time me and Thor kissed, to the way it gave a standing ovation when I felt the size of his dick, my friends joined in on the round of applause too.

If only I could bring up old Meebo chat logs, then you would be able to relive the experience of cumming three times in one session with me as well.

Alas, all stories eventually come to an end. However, this usually happens under only two circumstances: 1) we stop having sex with them (or the sex is too lackluster to share) or 2) we fall in love with them. That’s when the sharing of dick pics cease, and tales of how one got fucked so hard it sent them into anabolic shock stop. Sharing is caring … until you actually start to care for the guy. Girlfriends may share clothes and food, and maybe even their car. But never the man they love.

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