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Truffle Butter.

I found myself looking up a word on Urban Dictionary the other day, and immediately realized I was old as shit for doing so. Smh, I just couldn’t help myself! I refused to believe that Nicki Minaj’s Truffle Butter was actually about that delectable little mushroom you put on or in everything to make it taste 10 times better.

The song itself has a dope beat that I easily took a liking to the first time I heard it. It’s a sample from house artist Maya Jane Coles’ What They Say  if you want to listen to it HERE. And with Drake, Nicki and crazy ass Weezy on the track you know it’s going to be interesting at the very least. 

One day a friend of mine was bumping the song during the drive home, and everyone in the car started bobbing their head and rapping along. It was in that moment we all started wondering what exactly they were talking about. After hearing Lil Wayne’s part when he says, “Can I hit it in the bathroom? Put your hands on the toilet, I’ll put one leg on the  tub girl” it was apparent that steak wasn’t the only thing being eaten in the song. 

We all had our assumptions as to what truffle butter actually was, but none of us were ready for the truth. All of us however, wished I had never Google’d that shit. Without further adieu …

Truffle Butter When you pull your dick out of her asshole and put it in her vagina. The tan around the pussy is called truffle butter. ie poo mixed with cum is the truffle butter.

I mean, DAMN. I’m mad there’s an actual name for this (although I’m not surprised it exists). I just can’t help but think of how fucking gross that is! Don’t yall know you can get a UTI from that? Not to mention just plain, old SHIT IN YOUR PUSSY *hunches over and dies of disgust*. But the worst thing about it all? I will never be able to look at a thick, juicy steak like the one below the same way ever again. Thanks fuck boys. Thanks.

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