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Top 3 Reasons Men Should Watch Magic Mike XXL.

I kicked off my 3-day weekend by watching Magic Mike XXL and I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant. The first movie was cool for what it is, but I shit you not I could watch this one on mute at least 3 more times. Matter fact, I already texted 3 homegirls in different social circles to let them know I would watch it with them again. As expected, hordes of women clad with bottles of wine and bubbly inhabited the theater. However, I noticed a lot of boyfriends in the building as well. Were they simps? No, they were SMART. For those men who missed the memo, here are my top 3 reasons men should take advantage of the Magic Mike phenomenon. 

1. To learn some moves. We’ve all seen Channing Tatum’s moves, and even though I could watch them over, and over, and over … and over again, they’ve added another professional dancer to the  main stage: Twitch of So You Think You Can Dance. This was great seeing as there were no other real dancers in the cast. In absolutely no way am I complaining about seeing the other men flex, gyrate and bodyroll. It’s just nice to see more than that. Nothing is sexier than seeing a man doing what he does best – his passion or ME. 

2. To learn what women want.

Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t as complicated as men like to think. At bare minimum we just want to feel beautiful, appreciated and respected. If a movie like Magic Mike comprehends that, the rest of ya’ll have no excuses. Although the movie mostly catered to our hormones, they added the sweetness known as Donald Glover, better known to me as Childish Gambino to satisfy our sensitive and emotional side. You also have the character Ken, whose sensitive side is no secret yet still surprises you in this movie (can’t wait for you guys to see that part). And let’s not forget the constant reminder that we are “QUEENS” thanks to Jada Pinkett Smith. 



It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way about a man, what more a MOVIE. But I swear, this movie dun made me feel some thangs. The minute that Pony beat dropped, I dropped an egg. And when Channing finally took off his shirt, I took out my second pair of panties. Needless to say, there was nothing but hooting and hollaring the from the ladies in the theater the rest of the night. The grand finale made me want to drunk text and my ass wasn’t even drunk. After the movie, me and my bff ate dinner and it was all we could talk about and I’m pretty sure her man got some when he got home. 

For any man trying to get back in the good graces of their woman/ex-woman/any woman, I highly suggest you holla at her right after she watches this movie when she’s all vulnerable and flat out horny. I am so fucking serious. I masturbated the minute I got home, so that I didn’t text anyone I shouldn’t (please refer to THIS post). Needless to say, Magic Mike XXL is sure to bring the magic to the bedroom. 


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