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The Men of 2017.

2017 has brought us laughter, sadness, love, loss, tragedy, and triumph. It’s also brought us a gang of beautiful men, and it wouldn’t be a GATNB end of the year party without acknowledging some of them. Below are five men that have made headlines this year, that also just so happen to be swoon worthy. Am I missing anyone? Feel free to comment!

Sterling Brown. This Is Us is in my top 3 most anticipated shows I’ve watched this year, and #1 on my list of “Shows that make me cry in fetal position”. With an amazing cast like they have, this was tough, because Jack Pearson is the prototype. What it came down to was Sterling Brown having more personality than than Milo Ventimiglia in real life. I pretty much love everything Brown stands for on and off the screen. From his hilariously eloquent Emmy’s speech to the way he goes hard for his wife (again, both on and off screen), there’s just no reason why he wouldn’t be on this list. 


Jason Momoa. But do y’all remember Jason Momoa from when he was still a skinny, tanned looking haole on Baywatch?  I do. Matter fact, that’s where I first took notice of his aesthetic splendor. Then, he hooked up with Lisa Bonet, gained all that muscle, got casted as Khal Drogo, and is now walking out of the water shirtless as Aquaman in this year’s Justice League. More impressive than his axe throwing skills and his haka, is the way he loves his family, which includes Mother Earth. Mainstream media has finally taken notice of him,  so I only expect to see more of him next year and I’m not the least bit mad. Unless they make him wear a shirt. 


Jimmy Garoppolo. You know the boy has got to be fine if he’s a football player and on this list. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know who the fuck he was to begin with. Not only has he brought up Niner morale with his game winning starts, he also gives people like me who don’t care about football something to cheer about. 

P.S. Can you tell I don’t watch football? This paragraph is the shortest. BUT GODDAMN LOOK AT THAT SMILE!


David Harbour. Y’all already know I have a thing for those rough around the edges types, especially if they got dad bod. I took notice of Dan Harbour aka Chief Hopper in the first season of Stranger Things. He started off as an alcoholic dead beat Chief of Police, but slowly transitioned into a hero. His heroic efforts combined with the flashbacks of his daughter and facial hair were already enough to have him on the list, but then I found his Instagram account and saw that he had a great sense of humor as well. Now let’s see how he does as Hellboy.


Dwayne Johnson. Truth be told, I had a Rock poster back when I was in high school. Safe to say I’m over him, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still handsome as shit and aging like a fine wine. With a steady movie career, a baby-girl on the way, and star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it’s also safe to say that he’s having one of his best years yet. And while there are dozens of Dwane Johnson gifs (most without a shirt), I just had to share this photo, because salt & peppa ain’t neva had so much flava since … well, Salt & Pepa

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