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The Handywoman

I’ve never been one to half-ass anything. Especially the things I enjoy doing. Especially the things I enjoy doing that involve sex. Which is why I just had to ask: Do people still give hand-jobs nowadays?  Like the kind where the dude actually cums at the end with no assistance from any other part of the woman’s body (hand-jobbing while blow-jobbing doesn’t count)?

I was just wondering. Because at this day and age I feel like there’s really no point for them. But remember when you were younger and hand-jobs were the shit?

I remember the very first time I touched a penis, it was the summer going into my freshman year of high school. I was making out with this guy but still a virgin, so I knew there was no way on Earth I was going to have sex with him.  But things got heavy in my 14 year-old mind, and he shoved my hand down his pants.  Thinking back, I can’t exactly remember how I felt but I’m pretty sure it was a mix of curiosity, anxiousness, excitement, and fear. I didn’t want to do it wrong and hurt the guy. So I stopped before I even started. The result was  anti-climatic to say the least.

For someone my age, hand-jobs are a dying art. Come to think of it (pun always intended), I don’t think I’ve ever made a guy cum via hand job alone. I just never had the patience for it, and if my dude cums as fast as I lose my patience then we got problems. I suppose it’s a good way to start things off but safe to say that unless my vagina and mouth aren’t working, I’ll probably never give one for the remainder of my life.

OK fine, I’m exaggerating. What I meant to say was I wouldn’t mind if I never have to give another one the rest of my life. But if it drives my dude absolutely, positively crazy? Well then I’m always willing to give a helping hand.

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