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>The Green Dress

>Yesterday was Kae’s birthday. I forgot to greet her. I remember when she celebrated her 30th at Circulo and we went. We went to dinner first because the menu got the best of me. It always does. I wore that green dress. The same green dress I bought on Haight St. with Em when you said, “I’ll take you places where you can wear your pretty dresses,” the same green dress I wore in Hawaii to Lotus when you thought Jay was flirting with me (gross) and I cried, the same green dress I wore to Wet on a Thursday and indulged in the VIP treatment and threw up on my new shoes, the same green dress I wore to Boss and popped champagne for Sheila’s birthday … the same green dress I wore the first night you ever slept over and you said it was the weed and alcohol. LOL. I didn’t believe you but I didn’t care.

And I haven’t worn that dress since.

Not ‘cuz the mere sight of it makes me wanna crawl up and die in fetal position or anything. It actually doesn’t even remind me of you. I just. I dunno. Haven’t worn it again. Yall don’t like that answer do you? Seems too simple huh? Well if it makes you feel any better, I’ve bought at least 8 dresses since – 1 of which still has the tag on it. But the green dress? The green dress has always been one of my favorites. The color is so pretty and it hugs my body so well. Plus, it has pockets. I love pockets. And I can’t wait to wear it again. Matter fact, I think I will. If not this weekend, maybe next. And if not next, maybe in Vegas. And if not in Vegas, maybe in L.A. And if not in L.A., maybe in Hawaii. Or maybe, I’ll wear it to Circulo again. But this time, I won’t wear a belt over it ‘cuz I already know it won’t fit anymore by the time I’m done with dessert (you made fun of me for that btw).

Either way, the green dress is coming off the hanger sooner than later. Sooner than later I’ll get around to calling Kae. And sooner than later (if not right now) today will just be the day after Kae’s birthday instead of “A few years ago today …” Cuz it’s not always about you, you know. Sometimes it’s just about my favorite green dress.

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