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Thank You, Cum Again!

A really good morning stretch. A long ass piss that’s been held for an entire car ride. An ice cold beer after stressful day. A dip in the water when it’s 80°+ outside. Few things rival the feeling of an amazing orgasm, and as of yet, it still reigns supreme. Today’s humpday post is about a few of my favorite and most memorable orgasms. God bless the three men who’ve made them possible. Now without further adieu …

The time he stuck his dick in my vagina and I came. No really, that’s it. That’s all he had to do. It was the first time we ever had sex, and it was AMAZING. It was as if his dick was made for me. As soon as he put it inside of me, I could feel the tip of it hit my G-spot and in no time I was cumming. 

The time I went into shock. I’ve mentioned this in an old post, but let me elaborate. We had been fucking for Lord knows how long, and when we finished, I got up and noticed that my body felt – funny, for lack of better words. When I went to check my phone, I realized that my hands were shaking and I was out of breath. It was as if I was about to have a seizure. I had to get back not he bed, and just lay there for a good five minutes to recover.

The time I came in a sand dune. This might not have been the best orgasm I had with this man, but it was definitely the most memorable. We were on top of a blanket in the sand dunes that line the Great Highway, and something about being out in the open underneath the stars (and street lamps, so romantic lol) just made the experience that much more carnal.

The time I came in a position I never came in before. It started off with us sexing in spooning position. Then, he flipped onto his back with me on top of him still. His hands were on my breast with mine on top of his, and then I came with him fucking me from underneath. Like, what? I didn’t even know that was possible. Mind you, he was the first person to ever make me cum with me on top too.

The time I kept on cumming. Five times in one session. FIVE. Motherfucking five. I didn’t think I could ever cum again. 

The time I couldn’t cum anymore. And then I couldn’t. I guess I spoke too soon. There was a moment where I thought I lost my orgasm, because nothing was working. Missionary. Doggy-style. On top. Reverse cowgirl. Nothing. Thankfully, I found it again. It’s a good thing too, otherwise I’d never be able to write another post like this again.

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