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Say What?

There are the obvious songs like Janet Jackson’s Anytime, Anyplace that make people want to fuck their neighbor across the street. And classics like Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On, that will forever be the backdrop to your conception story. But then you have the not so obvious songs that are an acquired sound (if that even exists). The following are lines from a few songs that have went under the radar, but make me want someone over me.

“Yeah it feel good layin here beside you, diggin deep all nine up inside you “~Freak Though, TI TI do not play boo. Nine? That’s like half of you already. But from personal experience (8 3/4 to be exact. don’t ask how I know that), I know just how good this feels. I remember first hearing this song and knowing the exact position TI was talking about.

“You know you like it like that, you don’t have to fight back, here’s a pillow bite that”~Lovers and Friends Usher feat. Ludacris Well God bless you Luda for being so considerate. Like I mentioned here, pillows were meant for biting not conversation. While what he’s saying isn’t anything new to me, it’s the way he says it that’s sexy. You just can’t help but submit.

“What you doing in the bathroom, I hear noises in the bathroom”~Loft Music, The Weeknd Obviously, there is nothing sexy about what Weeknd is saying here. The line itself actually reminds me of a grandparent barging in on someone and their friends smoking weed out the window (not that its ever happened to me). But again, the way Weeknd sings it transports me to well – a loft party. And I am instantly envisioning, cheap, dirty sex in an expensive, clean condo in the SOMA area of SF. Again, not that its ever happened to me either …

“It’s your body, we can love if you want to, Loud if you want to, scream if you want to”~Sex Therapy, Robin Thicke It upsets me that people have the nerve to call Robin Thicke a misogynist. Here you have him clearly giving women all the options we could ever want. Not only is it considerate, it’s downright chivalrous. And just for the record, I want to. Loud.

“Usher baby, I just wanna get your attention …”~Hey Daddy The minute I hear the beginning of this song, I instantly smirk or let out a little giggle. It’s just really cute and flirty. And it definitely catches my attention.

What are your favorite song lyrics that put you in the mood?

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