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Right There.

Ah Wednesday, my favorite blogging day of the week for obvious reasons lol. I’ve been writing these Hump-Day blogs for a while now, and can’t believe I haven’t devoted an entire post on my favorite sex positions yet. It’s such a common, not to mention popular topic one would think I would’ve written about it by now. So without further adieu, here’s my top three! Ladies, fellas, feel free to agree or add your own.

3) Pick-up Sex: Not sure if there is a general term for this position, but it’s basically when the guy picks up the girl and have sex as they are facing each other. This position is a new favorite of mine. Not only does this feel good, but it’s just plain fun! I’m a tiny girl, so it’s really easy for me and usually makes my man feel all strong and shit like he’s THE man. Ladies, make sure to wrap your arms tightly around your partners neck so that you can lean all the way back and thrust in a way that hits your G-spot. You and your boyfriend can thank me later.

2) Doggy-style: For the longest time, this was my favorite position. Only to be outdone recently by another which I will talk about shortly. I’m going to go right ahead and say that eight out of ten women will list doggy-style as their favorite position, especially if eight of those ten women are my friends. I like doggy-style because it feels good, yet doesn’t make me come easily so my urge to roll over and knock the fuck out isn’t as profound.

If doggy-style were an entree, you would eat it on Thanksgiving because there are so many sides that can accompany it. The woman can reach under her and play with the man’s balls during the act or play with herself. The man can smack that ass, or my personal favorite; grab the woman’s hair by the nape of her neck, wrap it around his fist, and pull like a trigger. The best is when it’s so good, the female is forced to sit upright and a brief make-out sesh ensues, HOLLA! Doggy-style also makes it easier for you to scream into a pillow. If you ain’t screaming into a pillow, he ain’t doing it right!

1) Sideways Scissor: I want to preface by saying that this only beat out doggy-style by a SMIDGE. But it’s that “smidge” makes me want to punch you in the face because it feels so good. Again, I’m not sure if there’s an actual name for this, but it’s when you’re in a slight spooning position and the man is entering you from the side while one of your legs is up usually over the man’s shoulders. The only problem is if the dude is packing, depending on the angle you may actually feel a little discomfort. It may even hurt in a hurt so good kinda way. There have actually been a few times where I had to push the guy off of me because my kidneys were getting smashed. But the remaining 96% of the time, it was sheer ecstasy and I was asking to be choked so that it would prohibit me from screaming so loud that I wake up the neighbors.

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