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O Really?

“She came twice, I came last”~Biggie

When I used to bang Thor, I would average about three orgasms a session. Sometimes it got to the point where it was just too much to handle. Still, there were times I’ve had good sex without cumming at all. A lot of my male friends find this perplexing, but I think many women can attest to it.

Just like men, I “last” longer when I don’t cum. Once I do, I usually just want to roll over and go to sleep. Or drink some water. Or watch old Dexter episodes. This doesn’t mean I won’t still participate, it just means I won’t be 100% engaged until I’m able to build up another orgasm. Not to mention, I dry up a little.

If I had to choose, I actually prefer the other person cum instead of me. I’m pretty sure the other person doesn’t mind this either. Some say it’s being considerate. Some say it’s being unselfish. I say, “You’re welcome”. What makes orgasm-less sex still good for me (asides from getting pounded from the back on my tippy-toes in front of a mirror) is the satisfaction of knowing that the other person is being satisfied. What can I say? I’m a people pleaser.

Sex can definitely be good without achieving orgasm. A kiss alone can be very climatic depending on who it’s from. To feel one moving in and out of me can be bliss in itself. But it’s kind of like walking an old lady across the street. You don’t really get anything from it, but you feel good about it.

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