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I took the FB the other day for humpday inspiration since it’s hard to write about sex when you’re not having any. Thankfully, you guys never fail. A friend of mine, in reference to an inside joke, suggested the topic of fucking exes you know you shouldn’t. Thus reinforcing the infamous “Why do girls like bad boys?” question. Unfortunately, that answer is too easy: We’re stupid. So that alone wouldn’t make for a substantial blog. However, I did want to write about why some women continue to fuck men they shouldn’t. Because contrary to popular belief, it’s not always because the sex was good (although I’m sure sex with the ex wouldn’t be as popular if the sex was horrible).

I can think of a few reasons people still have sex with someone even if they didn’t have a good relationship outside of the bedroom. One of the parties involved might still feel for the other person and use it as a way to stay connected to them, in hopes of a possible reconciliation. And if you crazy, sex can be used as a way to trap the other person. Some people do it to be vindictive. Yet another reason is because you are comfortable with this person. You know how he likes his dick sucked, and he knows just the right amount of pressure to place around your neck when choking you. Hot damn.

However, most women admit that it just takes way too much effort to find someone new to fuck. Instead of subtly (or not so subtly) insinuating to the hot deliveryman at work that you want to bone or getting wasted at your favorite bar in hopes of meeting a potential fuck buddy, it’s easier for a woman to go back to what she knows. Not only is it more sanitary, it’s also less fuss and usually guaranteed. What’s not guaranteed is getting sucked back into a relationship that didn’t work out to begin with.

Have you ever had sex with an ex or someone you knew you shouldn’t be having sex with? If so, what was your reason for doing so?

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