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More Than A Little Bit

Last night me and Rach had the privilege of catching Swedish singer Lykke Li live at the Fox Theater in Oakland. My friend Faye put me on to her back in 2008 when she played Little Bit for me, and I’ve followed her ever since. But last night I left an official Stan fan.

Lykke’s voice is severely strong yet delicate at the same time. She’s engaging and plays instruments while she performs as well. What I found most endearing though was her on-stage mannerisms, the use of her hands as she sang and even what she wore complimented her set. However, what really impressed me was her band. Words can’t even describe, but me and Rach have a crush on the drummer and we don’t even know how he looks. Yes, that good.

To be honest with you, I haven’t heard any of her new shit, and Little Bit was the only old track she performed. Didn’t matter though, still enjoyed the show and would definitely watch her again. I’ll also be coming back to the Fox Theater. It was my first time there, and I absolutely adored the architecture and lighting of the venue. The Den in the lobby is a cute spot to pre-fade at as well.

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