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Micropenis, Macroheart.

One of my homies used to always joke about having a micropenis. I figured it was because he either had a small dick, or a huge one. Since we were just friends I never found out for myself, but after watching an episode of New Girl where the main character met a male model with a micropenis, I had to at least Google it. The thing about a micropenis (asides from the obvious) is its owner still has regular sized balls. Still, I wondered whether or not I could actually date and *gasp* be with a micropenis owner. 

I asked my friend who swings both ways if she could ever date a man with a micropenis seeing as women don’t have dicks at all. He response was a resounding NO. Not even if the man was everything else she could ever want. I began to factor in things as well. 

I have been spoiled in the past, but I am not a size queen. I’ve had great sex with someone whose dick was on the small-er side before. Hell, I’ve had good sex with someone who never even gave me an orgasm. If the man I was with could make me cum in other ways AND loved the shit outta me, I figured why not? With cunnilingus, dildos, vibrators, and fingers, what would I actually miss? Then it hit me. 

It’s not the actual insertion or intercourse I would miss the most. It’s the foreplay. It’s seeing the outline of his junk underneath basketball shorts. It’s the morning wood through his boxer briefs rising and shining. It’s the boner poking my back when he rolls over to “spoon”. It’s reaching over in the middle of the night, and feeling his dick in my hand grow rock hard as I wake him up. Ugh, I’d miss those things SO much.

Despite the aforementioned, I would still give it a chance. Because I’ve been with huge dicks before (huge assholes too) and trust me, it didn’t feel good at all.

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