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Love Is – Pt. 2

I (hella) ❤ SF

Room 638 looked like absolute chaos by the time 5 o’clock pm hit, and I wouldn’t have expected anything less. The bed was strewn with the entire accessory department of F21, makeup brushes lined the bathroom sink, and more pairs of shoes than feet walked the carpet. The phone rang and it was the front desk asking if Riley from 7×7 can come up. He was my main contact from the magazine, and I was excited to meet him.

Me and our host, Riley from 7x7

A few minutes later the doorbell rang, and there he was with a bouquet of tulips for me. How did he know? I was sure he had been stalking my blog. He left to go back downstairs, and we were to follow 30 minutes after. In the next half hour, the ladies finished winging their liner and curling their hair while the rest of us took photo-ops on the terrace.

Prom pics with the trifecta.

The night truly began when we entered the Circular Lounge at the Americano bar for the happiest hour ever. We were greeted with a custom menu of cocktails to choose from, and a selection of delicious appetizers.

Love all the personal touches!

Also loved the presentation of our drinks.

Bruschetta with grilled pacific prawns.

Citrus marinated olives.

I totally forget what this was, but I know it was a cheesy risotto polenta type deal inside. All that matters was it was dericious.

Bruschetta w/ ricotta, squash, and pistachio pesto.

Everything was absolutely delicious, but I was poppin the olives back like happy pills, and the signature St-Germaine Hummingbird drinks were a crowd favorite. I have three complimentary mini sized bottles of St-Germaine I can’t wait to drink on Fat Tuesday.

Happy Hour was spent guzzling down cocktails that tasted like lychee juice (dangerous), and catching up on everyone’s stories of life, love, and of course PENIS. I had to give the photographer Nikki, (who was a good sport) a disclaimer beforehand. Thank God there was no one reporting the night.

Ness, Rach, Coley, and Ferl.

Safe to say we were all stuffed and buzzed by 7 o’clock, but knew that it was just the beginning of a long and amazing night, with dinner being our next adventure. Can’t wait to tell you all about it in part three, in the mean time cheers to the freakin weekend, cheers to you, cheers to dead presidents, and cheers to the friends that turn into family!

One of 473 cheers' we made that night!

Check back next week for part three of our amazing night!

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