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Growing up, I’ve read numerous articles about men having a higher libido than women. When you listen to rap music, watch certain movies and think about all the men that have cheated on good women just to fuck a “bad one,” it seems to ring true. But as I sit here post self induced orgasm, I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been lied to all my life.

I definitely want/need/enjoy sex more than the men I’ve been seeing.

One of the biggest problems  I’ve been having in regards to casual sex is consistency. What’s the use of having a booty call when they aren’t readily available to fuck? Isn’t that the point? Am I doing it wrong? Why is it so hard for me to find someone to fuck at least three times a week? Shit, I’ll even take two times a week!

Another problem I’ve ran into is frequency. I’m all for marathon sex, but it’s hard for me to show interest once I cum. By then, I just want to go to drink some coconut water and go to sleep. Personally, I prefer sessions throughout the night. I may not want to keep having sex right now, but I guarantee in about 10 minutes, and when I wake up in the middle of the night … and in the morning, I will! I want to be able to roll over, rub the guys dick and him just KNOW – without me feeling like I’m being an inconvenience.

Lastly, I’m pretty sure I masturbate as much if not more than some men I know. I masturbate at least once a day. If not, I tend to make up for it by masturbating three times in one day. Matter fact, I am probably the most horny I’ve been in life right now. Sex comprises 60% of my daily thoughts. What gives?!

Compared to others out there, I’m still probably on the “conservative” side when it comes to sex (stop giving me the “Yeah right bitch” face). However, compared to the men I’ve banged lately, I either suck in the sack or really do have a higher libido than them. Combined. In no way am I a sex addict, but I definitely need some sort of help. Preferably in the shape of a penis.

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