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Let’s (not) Talk About Sex, Baby.

I think my sex blogs get me in a lot of unspoken trouble.

Sometimes I can actually feel girls roll their eyes at me, and hear men say “You’re too much” when they read my shit. But it’s ok. While it’s wrong to judge based on assumption, I can only expect that kind of reaction when every other word in my post is “cock” and “balls”.

But my blog is called Girls are the New Boys, not Girls are the New Role Models or Girls are the New Nuns or Girls are the New Let Me Filter Myself so People Don’t Get the Wrong Idea. Honestly, if I’m that sensitive I shouldn’t be putting myself on blast like that on the internet anyway. I should be writing in a spiral notebook instead.

What’s ironic though, is as loud as I am on here? I’m actually pretty quiet in person. OK FINE I’M LYING. I’m still kinda loud. But only once you get to know me and vice versa. It’s also only once you get to know me you’ll that realize; while the bark may be loud enough for everyone to hear, only one lucky person gets to feel the actual bite.

I’m able to talk freely about sex because … well, I don’t really know (fail lol). Maybe it’s because I’m friends with so many dudes (AND females) that talk about sex so nonchalantly as if it were the weather, or maybe because I was a sailor in another lifetime. All I know is I’m a grown ass woman and I only talk about what I feel comfortable talking about.

Sex is a big deal to me, but talking about it for the most part isn’t. And let’s face it the hump-day posts be comical as fuck sometimes. However, I understand how some people rather keep the topic to themselves, and respect that 100%. But while I blog for the world to see, please believe I still keep a lot of things private. Things and people and experiences I hold close to my heart, and remain there. Obviously, mint flavored lube isn’t one of these things.

In a world where many people have no regard for sex, I’ve learned to find intimacy in so much more than the wheelbarrow position. Like in the cute faces he makes for me and only me in the mornings, or the way he DOESN’T have sex with me at night. In the way he he let’s me take over his IPod, and in the way he lets me sit next to the window during a flight. Or in the way I actually let my guard completely down and let him hold my hand, with no hesitation or qualms about it.

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