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LES is More.

After almost a week of having cabin fever, me and Tits decided to run over the Williamsburg Bridge to see how the LES was doing. Although me and Jess worked out of a cafe the other day, I was still staring at a monitor all day and mentally exhausted. I needed to do something active. While we didn’t run full force (actually, I never do) the fresh air felt amazing and cool against my skin. Despite the ghost townish feel of the traintracks, I felt alive again.

Once we got to Manhattan, we decided to see how our favorite spot B&E was holding up. It was closed. And for the first time we realized how ugly it looked in the morning sans pretentious men pretending to be famous and slutty dressed women hoping they were so they could mooch off their bottle service. Since Sons of Essex was just down the street we decided to go there instead. Before entering, I saw a man wearing a Giants fitted look at me, see my hat, then tip his. If I was drunk I would’ve hugged him.

Lucky for us, we arrived just 10 minutes after the power came back on. Inside they were playing I Got The Power (which I found hilarious) and people were dancing and celebrating all around. The best part was drinks were on the house!

I’m sure other areas still aren’t so lucky, but it was heartwarming to see a little bit of sunshine in that bar despite the hurricane aftermath. Since I’m still traumatized from World Series game 1 (yes, it was THAT bad), I only had one beer while Tits had three. We walked back shortly afterwards, and the view was even better. Especially since part of Manhattan finally had electricity, blessing everyone once again with its beautiful skyline.

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