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January / February in Pictures.

The new job is kicking my ass so hard I barely have time to eat, what more blog. I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining. I swear I’ll get my shit together in time so that I can get back to the old me (just not the broke me), and make time to write and work out again. For now, here’s a few pics from the beginning of the year when I went to San Diego and L.A. More after the jump!

I can’t believe my hair was that long already before I chopped it off. Me and some of the ladies eating sushi before our last night in SD.

Our AirBNB was right next to Petco Park. It’s pretty cool, and that’s coming from a biased baseball stadium fan. I’ll definitely be catching a Giants vs Padres game there this season. 

This was taken during President’s Day weekend when I was in LA. I got to check off a lot of things on my LA bucketlist including Runyon Canyon.

Me and one of my favorite SoCal-ers Ed. 

Another shot form Runyon. These templates were everywhere in LA!

The Griffith Observatory, another check off my bucketlist. 


This is the view from Ed and Rolls’ loft in DTLA. I absolutely love their place, because it has a pool that nobody ever uses on the roof. That’s a horchata latte and a dulce du leche muffin *drooool*.

Lastly, me and Dre Day, another favorite SoCal-er of mine.

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