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I Burn for You.

It took three episodes, but I finally gave in to the Bridgerton hype. While it has scandal, great music, and a fun wardrobe, let's be real, Rege-Jean Page better known as the Motherfucking Duke is the only reason I made it past the first episode. Hell, he's the only reason I watched it PERIODT. Matter of fact, I could watch the show on mute long as he was in the scene. While the show has no lack of sex scenes, it was the innuendo like the ice-cream parlor scene shown here that made my belly-button tickle. I have never wanted to be a spoon so bad in my life.

Prior to watching Bridgerton, I really felt as if I lost that fire inside of me. If you've read my old sex posts, you'll know I used to have FIREWORKS. And if you know me you'll also know that my sexuality is often tied to my emotions. Still in the healing process of having my heart broken, I felt like I couldn't feel so much as a spark for anyone.

Then, I was introduced to the Duke and saw a faint ray of light at the end of a dark, lonely tunnel better known as my vagina. It was then that I realized I can and will feel fire again. I also realized that it wasn't actually the sex I missed - it's the foreplay.

It's the spoon licking. It's sending a dirty text in the middle of the day hoping you'll get it during a meeting. It's a hand on the small of my back, a caress on my bare shoulder. It's a nice, long, slow, hard, beautiful kiss with your hands on my face and my body pressed against the car. It's whispering what I want you to do to me once we get home, when we just arrived at the party. It's a flirty wink. An unintentional licking of the lips. A head tilt. A rasp in your voice that makes me quiver.

It's the Duke every so steadily and strategically sliding off Daphne's glove. It's the intimacy.

It's something I haven't felt in a long time. Because it's no longer enough to just share your hopes and dreams and fears with someone. You need the vulnerability and the fire. Until I find both again, I'll just continue to burn for the Duke.

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