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I <3 San Francisco

As previously mentioned some friends visited us from NYC, so I got to play tourist along with them this past weekend. We hit up Ike’s, Bi-Rite, The W, The Westin, the Niner game (tailgate portion), AsiaSF, Eve Lounge, Boiling Crab, The Cellar, Ocean Beach, Cha-Cha-Chas, Golden Gate Bridge, the Marina, and Osha. I don’t even do it this big when I’m on vacation, so it’s no wonder I’m typing this from my deathbed, SICK. Recuperating so I can really show them the city (again) this weekend sans the alcohol and partying. More pics after the jump!

#osha #thecellar #chachachas #thewhotel #boilingcrab #marina #ikes #ninertailgating #birite #oceanbeach #asiasf #sanfranciscoexperience #westinsaintfrancis


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