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How NOT to Fuck Someone.

Being a relationship kinda girl is hard. Being a relationship kinda girl that loves sex is a motherfucking struggle. Girls like me want a meaningful relationship, but we also want to be fucked into next week. Our hearts are constantly at battle with our raging hormones, and let’s just say an occupied bed does nothing for the void in your heart. Unfortunately, some of us will take what we can get. And if we know the man we just went on a date with doesn’t want a relationship with us, we figure we might as well get something from them even if it means settling for less than we deserve. Thus, begins the toxic cycle of having sex with someone you know you shouldn’t be having sex with.

There are various ways one can attempt to avoid this. A popular option is to fuck someone you don’t care about while you only date the guy you really like. It sound ridiculous, but even more ridiculous it makes sense. By doing this, you get your “wants” met without compromising your “needs”. However, this method only works if you actually have someone else to fuck. And I don’t. So what do I do instead?

In a perfect world, I’d find a man that loves me as good and hard as he fucks me. In this world, I masturbate. 

Yup, that’s it. 

I know it sounds too simple to actually work, but hear me out. Most of my sexual frustrations stem from a built up urge that is almost always met by the mere act of having an orgasm. While I know nothing beats actual penetration, I’ve found that as soon as I’m done masturbating, whatever impulse I had prior subsided. It sounds silly, but if double clicking that mouse right before your date picks you up prevents you for fucking him on the first night – TRY IT. It may not be convenient to excuse yourself from watching a movie on his couch to go rub one out in the bathroom, but if it saves you from making a bad decision – DO IT.

Better a sad vagina, than a broken heart.

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