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You would never guess it by the way I sweat it, but I questioned it at first.

Your stature, your jeans, your hands - my man? Nahhh ... I couldn't quite understand it.


But as soon as you grazed the small of my back? I didn't hate that.

Barely let you get away with a first kiss, because I'm so quick to dismiss

And now this miss can't stand being away from you.

24 hours in the day will never do.

Matter of fact, I'm a little obsessed with you.

Tried to fight it, but by the very next day you were applying pressure.

It was hard for me ... to resist

Now I measure every second, every minute, damn I swear that you can get it

1:15, 5am, 7:30, and 9:42.

I lose sleep over you.

I lose sleep under you, too.

And you don't even have a clue

How you make me feel. I'm not falling, I'm flying.

To Cloud 9 on a whirlwind.

I come first, you come again.

My partner, my lover, and my friend.

Got my walls closing in ... on you.

I could kiss you all day. Fuck you all night. Love on you forever. I think I just might.

But for now?

Stay loyal and consistent.

Communicate and listen.

Sometimes be the 80 to my 20, and meet me in the middle.

And maybe, just maybe - choke me a little.

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