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Girl Friends Are A Girl’s Best Friends.

Over MLK weekend, I had the pleasure of taking a mini-vacation to Atlantic City with my roll dog Tits and some of his boys. Safe to say that after bearing witness to spontaneous pile-ups, shower invasions and male pillow fights, they are now my boys as well. We stayed at Revel where I shared one standard room with six dudes, and I was reminded of how a BNO differs from a GNO. First distinction? Men would never refer to it as a “BNO”. I’m no stranger to hanging out with the boys, but it’s been a while since I’ve hung out with a group of them at the same time – solo. Nevertheless, it was an interesting not to mention hilarious weekend to say the least.

The biggest difference I saw, was the way men interact with each other as opposed to the way women do. For the most part, a boys weekend consists of tearing each other down while a girls weekend revolves around building each other up. This isn’t to say that me and my girls don’t talk shit to each other, or that men don’t give their boys credit when its due, it’s just that these are the common ways men and women show endearment for one another.

For instance, while getting ready for the club, a “Damn girl, don’t hurt ’em” amongst females can sometimes equate to a, “You look like a fag*” for men. Both statements are nods of approval. Similarly, watching a chick flick over room service and curling each others hair in the hotel room, is the female version of men wrestling one another and hacking into each others Facebook accounts to post about how much they love “Big, black cock.” The boys I was with would bombard whoever was on the shitter, and post a picture of them on Facebook. On the contrary, it’s not uncommon for one of my girls to pee while I’m in the bathroom putting on makeup. We definitely blur the lines when it comes to a stereotypical girls/boys weekend, but the truth remains, “Girls will be girls,” and “Boys will be boys.”

I had no trouble fitting in this past weekend. I grew up with all over-protective male cousins, so I didn’t need to try. Not even when threats of getting my panties sniffed while I was in the shower, and waking up to balls in my face surfaced. I was entertained all weekend, and it was refreshing to not think of the usual things most of us women worry about. But, I’ve come to the realization that one of the reasons I don’t have a boyfriend, is because I have so many boy friends. It’s hard to make out meet new dudes when you’re already rolling with four of them. I love having my boys, but I think I need a break from being one of the boys. If there’s anything I learned this weekend having a blast with the fellas, it’s I miss my Saturday nights and Sunday brunches with my ladies more than ever.

*You already know trick love the kids. This is verbatim. Apologies in advance if the word offended anyone. However, if that’s all it took, you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog.

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