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Gets Me Everytime

Let’s face it, not every woman has the libido of an ex-con. Some are content having it once a week, some once a month. Yet some women are even fine with having sex merely for procreation, blasphemy! But for those who have ladies that may just be tired from work, or just super indulged in a new book, the following are a few tips that should get them gulping down a Redbull or forgetting how to read in no time.

1) Knocking on the rear door. No matter how sleepy I am, once I feel something poke my ass from behind it’s going dowwwwwn – Fellatio. A man pressing his boner on my ass cheeks is a surefire way to transition from innocent spooning to rambunctious forking. I really, really hate how effective this move is too. It’s pretty much foolproof.

2) Masturbation. If the first move doesn’t work (which it rarely doesn’t), it followed by this should do. I don’t need you to do a full on show for me, just a few strokes will do. I’ll watch in awe for a few seconds, but after a few more seconds I’m pouncing on you. A man I used to date would do this and I would want to slap his ass because of it. Instead, I’d end up letting him slap my ass.

3) Walking around shirtless. On the basis of course that your woman is turned on by your physique. My girls agreed that a man walking out of the shower smelling like fresh and clean, dripping with water, with just a towel wrapped around his waist is enough to make them hop back in the shower with him. While I concur, just seeing the man I lust for shirtless in sweats is enough for me to be pantless in his bed.

4) The kiss. But not just any kiss, THE kiss. The kind that’s slow, and passionate, and HARD at the same time. It’s usually accompanied by some groping and follows with you ravaging each other, and leaving a trail of clothing from the living room couch to the bedroom. We could be having the time of our lives at a public establishment, but if I’m kissed just right, I’ll want to go home or at least spend the rest of the night thinking about what we’re going to do once we get home. I LOVE kissing, especially when it leads to fucking.

Now remember fellas, not every woman is the same. So readers, if you have any other moves that have worked for you (whether you’re a woman receiving them or a man giving them) feel free to comment below. Just because I mentioned the enablers above, it doesn’t mean any man can use them. But if you’re the right man for the female you’re with, any move is pretty much the right move.

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