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Foodgasm of the Day – Samovar

A few months ago me and my girl Hottie had a date at Samovar Tea Lounge in Downtown, SF right behind the Metreon and right in the middle of Yerba Buena Gardens. I was a little weary at first ‘cuz 1) I was STARVING and after having House of Prime Rib the night before, little cucumber sammiches were not gonna cut it for me that day, and 2) I’m biased because as far as traditional tea spots my favorite is Love Joy’s.

At any rate I am soooo glad Hottie took me there. The shit CRACKED HARD. And surprisingly, I was STUFFED.

The food is … hmmm how would I describe it? New-age maybe? If that’s even a type of food cuisine lol. Just imagine wind chimes, incense, tribal music/lounge music, and the Himalayas. That’s the only way I can describe it.

Anyway, I had the Chai tea and the curry egg salad sandwhich. It came with a small side salad. The tea was delish esp. on such a rainy day BUT I like my shit sweet. As in pour the sugar container for 10 seconds over my cup sweet so it wasn’t my favorite but good nevertheless. The sammich however was yummy. I would’ve never thought to combine egg salad with curry and apple slices but it worked out great and went well with the Chai.

P.S. The aftertaste of the Chai tasted like Trix cereal , TRUST.

Hottie got the Egg bowl w/ duck and brown rice. It comes with a sauce too. Let me tell u. I’m not fond of duck at all. The only time I like to eat it is at Chinese Banquets when it comes with that sweet plum sauce and those cute little bread thingies. This duck tasted like fucking tocino though Hollerrrr!

So just imagine booghie tocilog that’s just as good and healthier for u.

For dessert I had the chocolate chip bread pudding. Why I didn’t take a picture dumbfounds me but it was good. Warm and sweet, and cripsy on the edges.

I liked the place so much I went back today during my lunch and sat by myself like a longer ‘cuz it’s JUST THAT GOOD.

Today I had the aloe vera with cucumber drink. It’s sweet!

I tend to stay away from eating or dirnking things that sound like I should rub on my body instead but this drink is soooo refreshing. It went perfectly with my wasabi cesar salad w/ smoked salmon and artichoke. If you’re a wasabi and salmon fan this is THE SHIT. Just the right amount of each flavor so that one doesn’t overpower the other and you don’t get sick of it.

Whenever the taste would get slightly “much” I’d just wash it down with some of my drink.

The portion was pretty big and worth the $10. I didn’t have time for dessert but I will definitely try the rice pudding next. The price average is pretty much $10. My God the food is so good that I’m writing this square ass blog about it LOL.

The best part is all the dishes are so different that I’d go back tomorow with no hesitation ‘cuz I know I won’t get sick of the taste. I’m going to order the egg bowl next time 🙂

**EDITORS NOTE*** This blog was actually written last month.

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