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Cheers to You!

And I really do mean YOU, because I will not be clanking any glasses filled with alcohol for the next two (three if I’m feeling really ) weeks. It’s not long at all, but a glass of wine or beer with my meal has become a ritual during dinner with the girls, and I adore dinner with the girls. Thankfully, one of my last drinks was a good one. So good it was great. So great it’s officially my new drink, and it’s been a while since I’ve taken kindly to a mixed drink. Ladies and gentleman without further adieu I’d like to present to you the caipirinha.

Now tell me that shit don’t look dericious as fuck? Originating from Brazil, this refreshing concoction is basically muddled sugar, limes, and a shitload of cachaca (sugar cane rum) or in my case vodka. I actually prefer it over its cousin drink, the mojito. It’s sweet, tangy, strong, and dangerous. But what else would you expect from the land of hard bodies, butt floss, and bikini waxes? Next time you’re at a lounge, confidently order one at the bar, and taste it for yourself! And of course, drink responsibly 🙂

Click here for a basic caipirinha recipe.

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