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Beat That.

You know … Rose has always been my favorite Golden Girl, and Betty White ain’t neva lie.

While ladies like myself joke around a lot, all that “I feel like I got gang-banged by the football team” talk at brunch is sometimes not too far-fetched. So fellas, the next time you brag to your friends about how you had your girl walking like a cowboy after sex, have some fucking compassion! Because it really does hurt … so good.

For those of you curious or confused, personally speaking there are a few ways sex can “hurt so good.” One way is when you’re sore afterwards. After all, you end up using muscles you don’t normally use on a daily basis. And unless you’re a contortionist for the Chinese circus, there’s really no other reason you’d have your leg over your head on top of his shoulders while your on your stomach and one arm is tied behind your back. What? Don’t look at me like that!

Another way is when the man’s dick is either just so big, or you’re just so tiny, or in a position where his dick is pretty much getting tangled up in your intestines. It’s a lot to take in *pun intended* but both parties end up getting turned on by how much of a big girl you are *pats you on the head and gives you a cookie*. There’s also that instance when the guy is hitting it so hard that his inner thighs bang against your inner thighs. Or when the guys fucking you in a certain angle and it feels like he’s ripping your vagina downwards. Yeah, that’s probably the only instance where I’ve made a man adjust himself.

Like I said, it’s pain AND pleasure. Obviously, if the sex isn’t being enjoyed she will stop – or at least she should. There’s a fine line that should always be respectfully walked. Regardless, I hope you fellas take this blog into consideration the next time you beat that pussy up. Make sure to be gentle with your lady after you fuck her like a ho. Let her know how much you appreciate her and buy her vagina some flowers or something. We put up with enough dicks as is.

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