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Anticipation Pt. II

Read Pt. I here.

He looked up at her smiling, thinking checkmate. She let out a tiny hiccup then giggled. Maybe she shouldn’t have had downed the last of her champagne so fast before they left. He picked her up and placed her on his lap. With a fistful of hair in one hand, he tugged her head back just enough to kiss underneath her chin and continue onto her neck.

She became intoxicated from his kisses, tongue and lips tasting like Jameson as she felt him grow below her. Her sex was throbbing. Sitting directly on top of his dick, but without penetration she began to ride him, swaying her hips back and forth to a melody called desire. She was wetter than the Perfect Storm waiting for her ship to dock.

Harder than half dome, he gently placed her back on his bed. He kissed her breast, then ran the tip of his tongue down her stomach and back up again. His turn. He rubbed his dick along her pussy, lubricating himself with her lust. Sliding himself up … and down … up … and down. It felt like marble against her, and her legs began to quiver. She grabbed his member, and massaged her clit with the tip of his head. Then, strategically placed it so that all he had to do was gently thrust forward. And so he did.

Even dripping wet she suffocated him – and he wasn’t even all the way in yet. Slowly he entered her while she tightened up her walls around him. He wanted so bad to make her feel him, but just as fast as he started, he stopped and pulled himself out of her. FUCK.

He had to put on a condom.

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