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A Letter to my 21 Year Old Self.

Happy birthday you beautiful bitch! I bet you think you’re a big girl now don’t you? Well, I have good and bad news for you: you’re not even close. You may never be. Until you are, here’s some advice from your 35-year old self who I promise can still keep it lit AF. Don’t worry, you’ll understand what that means in about 14 years.


2. You’re going to get your heart broken. You’ll think you’re going to die. You might a little. And then you’ll get over it. Then, you’ll get your heart broken at least 2 more times. But guess what? You ALWAYS get over it. Sometimes it takes longer than before, but you ALWAYS get over it. Remember that.

3. You don’t stop getting your heart broken when you “grow up”.

4. If you’re going to charge 4 flights on your credit card, PAY THEM OFF IMMEDIATELY. I repeat – IMMEDIATELY.

5. Only accept enough Financial Aid to cover tuition and school supplies.

6. Your mom loves you, no matter what she says.

7. You love your mom, no matter what she says.

8. Don’t let the approval or rejection of someone else validate your worth.

9. Speaking of college, do broadcast Journalism.

10. Giants in 2010. 2012. AND 2014. I’ll write you back in a few weeks to talk about 2016.


12. Do not compare your success or lack thereof to those around you. Stay in your lane, and be a better version of yourself.

13. Do not stay at that job you know is going nowhere. But if you do, MAKE SURE YOU SIGNED UP FOR 401K FOR FUCKS SAKE!

14. You are not a “bad bitch”. Or a player. Or a gold digger. You’re a nice girl with some nice dreams. You love LOVE. Own it. If you like someone, tell them. Act the way you feel (unless it will get you arrested), but always take a minute to rationalize things.

15. State your intentions in the beginning. It will save you a lot of pain at the end. If the other persons intentions do not  match yours, respect that they told you the truth then respect yourself enough to walk away.

16. In regards to #15, walk away. RUN IF YOU NEED TOO. Trust, me you can’t handle it.

17. You have a gift. You have a purpose. USE IT. If not for yourself, for everyone out there that thinks they are alone in the way they feel.

18. You will NEVER feel ready. Just do it. You will make it work. You always do.


20. Envision. Execute. ENFORCE. ENFORCE. ENFORCE. HUSTLE. HUSTLE. HUSTLE. Otherwise, you’ll see people with equal or less talent go further than you.


If there is ONE thing you remember from this, it’s YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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