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It's been years since the term, "BDE" was headlining pop-culture. Yet, there are still a few who don't understand the concept. For those who missed it, the term BDE emerged when the masses wondered what on Earth women saw in Pete Davidson. Him and Ariana Grande got engaged and the accompanying Tweet went viral. The term BDE or "Big dick energy" then popularized and prompted conversation.

Big dick energy is the confidence that goes along with having a big dick. However, one does not need to have a big dick in order to have big dick energy. To confuse you even more, you can have a big dick, but not have big dick energy. Just as you can have a small dick with Big Dick Energy. And to completely complicate things, women can also have Big Dick Energy.

BDE is confidence without being cocky. It's a specific je ne sais quoi. To me, it's also very subtle and usually unintentional. It's being a good man. A faithful boyfriend. The bigger person in an argument knowing you're right. It's sacrifice. It's humble. It's Barack Obama proudly stating he is a feminist. Who else has BDE? Jeff Goldblum (now, not then). Prince Harry. Klay Thompson not giving a single fuck, but not in the way Draymond Green doesn't give a single fuck. Keanu Reeves. What women have BDE? Rihanna and RBG (RIP to a real one).

Do not fret men, you do not need BDE for women to be attracted to you. You don't even need to have a big dick. If you have a small dick, that's OK too. Just don't have small dick energy to go with it.

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