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2013 in Pictures.

Smart phones and social media get a lot of slack for being the death of living in the moment. However, I like to think it’s a way to capture the moment. There’s never a time where I go through old pictures and am reminded of how amazing my life is despite not being where I want to be in life. Here are 12 of my favorite pictures (not necessarily memories) taken in 2013.

5th and 5th, NY. While driving to Central Park with Tits for an evening run, we stopped at this intersection. Between the lines, lights, and cabs, I thought the scene  was so quintessential NY, I just had to capture the moment.

Murray Hill, NY. This is the view from my girl Marla’s apt. One of the many I had while couch surfing in NY. I loved how I could see LIC right across the way. It was motivating, yet humbling at the same time.

Kailua Beach, HI. Blue water. Clear skies. Cool breezes. Tan skin. And a Mickey/Minnie Mouse bikini. What’s not to like about this picture? It’s my favorite beach in Oahu, and my favorite picture taken there.

Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz. This picture just looks so “classic” California. The palm trees and sunset encompass everything laid back, and easy breezy about this place I call home. I vividly remember this day because they were playing one of my favorite movies on the beach later that night, “The Lost Boys”.

Gail and Jason Cacho. Without knowing the couple and being there, this picture already displays true love. What you don’t know is Gail was extremely weak that day. But as soon as Jason asked for a kiss, she effortlessly raised her head up towards his and puckered up. She may not physically be with us anymore, but their love is stronger than cancer.

Hoboken, NJ. I LOVE the snow. Only a Californian would say some shit like that, but I enjoy it more than the rain. I miss NY, especially during the winter season (WTF). There’s just something so serene about snowfall that does it for me. I love how everything is black and white in this picture except for my big ass umbrella, it almost looks like a scene from the Chronicles of Narnia.

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