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Weekly Round-Up

In case you missed it the first time, check out this past weeks posts below!

Les-Be-Honest Reason #3 I could never be lesbian:  I don’t care how “cute,” and “neat,” and “tucked in,” and “virginal” looking your vagina is – it’s ugly.

Save The Date Be the person you want to date. I used to ask the universe for a male version of me, and right now I’m not content with who I am.

Catfish It’s one thing for a real person to break your heart, what more a fake one? Don’t fall for the bait. Catch perpetrators before you get reeled in and it’s too late.

Sunday Morning My favorite thing to do with a man in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. OK fine, my second favorite thing to do.

Write Or Die This was  hard for me to write. Yet, it remains one of my most favorite “Dear Diary” posts yet.

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