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>Weekend Recap

>What. A. Weekend. Hope everyone had a good one! Gonna grind a ‘lil at the 9-5 then attempt to intrigue yall. In the mean time, here’s some pics to hold yall down ’til then. My weekend started out with the Monte Verde Crab Feed on Friday.

Homemade garlic butter on the left and vinegar, pepper, and garlic on the right. You know how us Filipino’s do!

Next morning had lunch with moms at Nordstrom Cafe and had my usual angel hair pasta with salmon and asparagus omg I die, it never fails.

Then Sat. night headed over to Minna for B and Cus’s birthday celebration. And because some have asked and I never do it, here’s what I wore lol.

My partner in crime Sat. night, Lindsey. The pic is blurry but this girl is like, GORGEOUS. I kinda want to throw a rock at her face lol.

So I’m not gonna lie, this is the SECOND reason I went out that night. To catch the MoGo BBQ truck outside the party. I smelled like Korea the rest of the night and my breath was kickin like kimchi but this spicy pork taco was herra worth it!

And probably the last sober pic of the night, me and the bestie 🙂 (Whose mixtapes you can check out here)

Once again Happy Birthday B, Cus, and Happy Anniversary to Boogie Events Co.!

Finished the weekend off with an adobo burrito at Papalote’s followed by Bi-Rite Creamery and Takers Sunday. I swear, I can watch that movie on MUTE lol.

P.S. This pic is for Teeney lol.

I was trying to save money before I went out to Miami so I did my nails myself. After seeing these Chanel nails with the same type of design I decided to take a stab at it. I think i saw them listed as “Ice Cream paint job,” so that’s what I’ll stick to. FYI they’re REALLY easy to do. Just apply your base coat, then base color. Then add a few drops wherever you want the “drip” to end and then turn your hand upside down so it drops towards the tip of your fingernail. Use your brush to connect them all together at the end and that’s it!

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