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Weekend in Pictures – Word Hard, Play Harder Edition

Hi. I’m tired. And this is why …

My “weekend” started off on Thursday for St. Patties Day. Block party, then Otis with Rach, Tat, and Lisa.

Then, Dwele at Yoshi’s with Ruth, Nicole, and Marla.

Saturday afternoon brunch with my chinita Kristina.

Then, got ready to work the door at Minna.

Like my new ring? I do! Retarded “tough” face not included.

Making it reign indoors while it rained outside.

Then, off to have Sunday ceviche with moms!

She got salmon salad while I got the Escolar which was cooked Costa Rican style and totally reminded me of when PR, and MIA *sigh*.

My mom is so cute and thoughtful.

Worked the score table at Triple Double’s game afterwards, and then winded down the night with the birthday boy Maddox!

Sorry some of the pics are pixelated but for some reason my phone converted them to a small ass size. Meh! Anyway, hope everyone had as an amazing weekend as I did. Time to get back to the grind! It’s gonna be a DIFFERENT week to say the least ;P


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