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OMFG I cannot believe I found this. Took me foreverrrr but my girl Jayne kept it on her blog. Note to the kiddies “Don’t irrationally delete ur social network pages just ‘cuz some guy was a douchbag to u. And if u do SAVE UR FUCKING BLOGS GODDAMIT!” LOL. Jayne re-posted this on her page in June of 2005 so I probably wrote it sometime earlier that year. Gosh that was 4 years ago so the piece seems mediocre and way too emo-screamo to me now, but at the time it was one of my favorites. Just another reminder that no matter who u are, how much money u got, or how u look – everyone bleeds the same blood.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

“Pretty Girls Don’t Cry”

I remember reading that headline on a “Pretty Girl’s” MySpace page before, and I wanted so bad to agree with it. But as I’ve learned by obsessing over the lives of countless beautiful women, not only do they cry – they sometimes cry more.

They cry because people look at them and think, “She musn’t have any problems in the relationship department.” They cry because they are placed on such a high pedastal that is supposed to make them incapable of getting their heart broken. They cry because everyone expects them to bounce so quick from one relationship and onto the other.

They cry because everyone seems to think that they can have any man they want – and while they know that there is some truth to it, they cry because the only man they want doesn’t want them.

They cry because their personality gets overlooked by their physical appearance. They cry because their looks get strereotyped. They cry because sometimes they wish they weren’t so cute so they wouldn’t have to worry about passing by a bunch of drunk men alone at night. They cry because other females tend to hate on what they don’t understand.

They cry because no matter how much their friends say, “Girl she ain’t got nothin on you,” she obviously does because he chose HER and not YOU.

They cry because no matter how much work they put into something, they’ll always be seen as the cute girl in class or the hot chick on the 2nd floor. They cry because people place such an emphasis on their looks that they’re scared to disapoint them. They cry because they feel like they’re not supposed to, like they can’t, like it’s wrong. They cry because they start to believe what people tell them and think, “Why the hell am I crying?”

They cry because when they look in the mirror, they hate what they see and can’t seem to find that “pretty girl” that everyone thinks doesn’t cry.


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