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A few weeks ago, the Daily Mail published this article by Liz Jones where she dubbed Rihanna a “poisonous pop princess”. The rude gyal popped back at the article that blasted her for being a bad role model with an Instagram message that can be seen here. While I really shouldn’t care about people that don’t even know I exist, the bigger picture here does affect me. And honestly, I’m a little torn.

Although not objective journalism, I do agree with a lot of a lot of points Jones made. Mainly, that Rihanna – with her glorification of money, sex, drugs, and guns, is sending the wrong message to her young, impressionable female fans. Ultimately, Jones is calling Rihanna a bad role model.

Not one to shy away from social media drama, Rih-Rih clapped back by calling Jones’ article “amateur” and her a “menopausal mess”. Her biggest defense was admitting that she wasn’t a good role model. Matter fact, she’s not a role model at all, proclaiming, “”Role model” is not a title or position that I have never campaigned for …”

In no way am I comparing myself to Rihanna. I am not famous, or rich, or anywhere near as popular. However, I know for a fact that there are a small handful of you that actually take into consideration some of the crazy things I say. And because I know a huge chunk of GATNB readers are still in the process of finding themselves, I try to watch what I write and think about how certain posts will affect you.

Having said that, I don’t believe that Rihanna is responsible for what other people’s children do. When you become a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your kids the difference between entertainment and reality. As a self-proclaimed “bad gal,” Rihanna has to act accordingly as a part of her image. But let’s face it, she is not about that gun toting life Liz Jones’ article claims her to be. And it’s the responsibility of parents to let their children know the difference.

Though not a stan by any means, I am a Rihanna fan. Her music makes me dance, and her style is ridiculous. While I cringed when she cuddled up next to Chris Brown during the 2013 Grammy Awards, she’s right – people shouldn’t be surprised by the way she lives her life. But by now, she also shouldn’t be surprised that people consider her a role model either. Whether she applied for the position or not, the title comes with the territory once you become a celebrity. Like Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Knowing that, I just wish she would also use her star power to advocate more positive and aspiring ideals. Similarly, I hope journalists use their power to report these positive and aspiring stories as well.

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