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These Fleeting Moments.

Usually when someone says they’re having a moment, it’s a bad one. A moment of weakness. A moment of vulnerability. A moment of crazy or the sads. I’ve definitely had my moments. Some moments turned into months and even years.

Then, there are those beautiful moments. Bouts of immeasurable happiness that make all the bad in the world go away – even if just for a split second. These moments, you want to capture them like lightening in a bottle. You want to freeze frame smiles and save them for a rainy day. You want to find gold in the joy in people’s eyes and treasure them forever.

A hug after a resolution. Happy tears. A 20 year high school reunion. A beautiful sunset. Floating in the middle of a crystal clear ocean. Dancing on an NY rooftop on a summer evening. Confetti in your hair at a championship parade. A hot shower and jammies fresh out the dryer. An ice cold beer after a long day. The wrinkles in your grandparents skin. The smell of your favorite dish. A first kiss. Holding your newborn baby for the very first time.

These are the moments we wish would last forever. But these moments are fleeting. No matter how hard you try to grasp them, they fall through your fingers like sand.

So you cherish the good times, especially when you’re feeling sad. You look for the positive in each day. You’re grateful for the little things. You let things and people go. You love yourself and know you are enough. You wish happiness for others. You do your best. You live in the moments that make your heart dance. And you create your serenity. Because nothing good lasts forever. But nothing bad does either.

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