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Them Girls.

I was on a date the other week (second and last with “Mr. Wonderful” mentioned here), and somewhere during the conversation and tapas I mentioned how much I love pretty girls. “Especially when they have awesome personalities too. Ugh, I love them!” I exclaimed.

He admired that about me. He thought it took a very secure, confident woman to appreciate other women and have girlfriends. I sure fooled him. Hah! I proceeded to tell him how it wasn’t always like that. How my best friends in middle school broke my heart, and I didn’t have another bff until I met my current one in college. How I was always one of the boys. And how I still am one of the boys. The only difference is now I have some of the very best girlfriends I could ask for.

Angelina Jolie has always been suspect to me. While I’m sure she’s a great mother, humanitarian and wife, I have to ask: where are her girlfriends? The closest thing she’s had is Jenny Shimizu who doesn’t even count, because they were banging each other.

I really am not one to talk though. Afterall, I had a story of my own. And you don’t have to be a horrible person just because you don’t have girlfriends. But I’m not saying not to trust women who don’t have female friends or have a new best friend every month. I’m just saying to tread lightly, and proceed with caution. I’m sure as a man it’s hard enough to understand women. Now understand how hard it is to understand how a woman can’t understand another woman.

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